PLC Reflections on Action Research – 12/1

Kids need breaks…and so do Teachers.  It is important that we remember to refresh our batteries just as we remember to refresh our kids.  Energizers are a fun way to boost your kids energy back up and to get them going, but don’t forget the energizers for yourself.  Do you have a hobby?  Do you take walks?  Do you play guitar?  Do you cuddle and watch movies?  Find something that lets you release and let go.  This will help to recharge your battery just like your students.  Pick a day after school for you!  Leave the work at work and come home to make it your day.  This is extremely important to reduce burnout and to keep a positive outlook on teaching.

If you are a leader give your staff a life day.  Provide a day during the week that is a life day.  Where you expect the staff to leave at a reasonable time to go home and spend time with family or doing their own thing.  Go around and remind them it is life day.  Take time and go shoot some hoops or hold a staff relay with them as an energizer to get back in the groove the next day.


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