PLC Reflections on Action Research – 11/24

Assessment – How do we know our kids are growing?  We need tools to check their growth.  How do we find out if our interventions/enrichments are working?  We must set up a way to monitor if it works or doesn’t.  Why do we as teachers end up doing something that we’ve tried in the past and just run with it?  Why do we insist that since it worked before it will always continue to work?  We need to move past the point of continuing the same routine and get to a place where each year is a new year.  New kids, new content, new lessons, new ideas, new ways to monitors our students.  I am all about not “reinventing the wheel” but if the wheel is 5 or 10 years old and has 30,000 miles on it it is time for a new replacement set of tires, at least.  We should be working together to come up with new ways to teach similar content because each of our students is different than in years past and each of our students are different in our own class.


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