Reflections on Action Research ELC 675 – 11/3

Do you have rigor in your classroom at all times?”  Our Mission Possible teacher leaders are running some professional development about implementing rigor in the classroom.  Taking a current assessment and making sure it has value and drive for students.  This is a magnificent tool for teachers to reflect and to plan ahead to be sure they are challenging students.  We discussed the 8 mathematical standards and attempted to dissect each standard and unpack the features of each.

All this comes at a price though.  Teachers in their nature expect application, and nowadays, immediate application.  When we unpack standards and reveal root knowledge we expect of kids we tend to stop there and forget to go to the next step and apply that knowledge to practice.  “How will this look in my classroom?” “What steps can I take to be sure each lesson/assessment/activity has and includes rigor?”

All these thoughts come to mind when professional development ends up being a one shot day or two.


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